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Intelligent Technologies,
Smarter Business

We are a team of smart and experienced industry leaders, digital innovators, futurists, and transformation agents who work with brands and businesses as partners. We love to integrate within our client’s organization to help their business grow.

We are passionate people who are driven by doing great work. We operate from California, Lahore, and Sydney – perfectly positioned to serve the brands and businesses 24/7.

Intelligent Technologies, Smarter Business
Innovative Solutions Increased Revenue

Innovative Solutions
Increased Revenue

As a team of problem solvers who use creativity and technology to deliver intelligent business solutions, we bring a fresh perspective that is cost-effective, impactful, and sustainable for our client’s business growth.

Our unique business model enables us to deliver no-compromise, top-quality services, and products while keeping our costs at the low end of the market. We invest in talent across the world to join us and we provide them the opportunity to work for some of the well-known global brands.

Our Process

We are a Lean Mean Machine, nimble and our process is agile.

This benefits our clients who want to move quickly and systematically. We do not compromise on quality; our approach is flexible that ensures we achieve the desired solution within a required timeline.


We review your processes, strategies, objectives, and competitors. We map out your needs and expectations with the time line, budget, and critical milestones.


We develop strategies that become our tactical and operational road maps. We identify key stakeholders, plan the phases, schedule sprint and review, and determine deliverables.


We draft detailed specifications and design the prototype for your approval. Upon your approval, we complete the design & development and make it ready for you.


We thoroughly test our solution. We offer training to help your teams upskill on new applications. We then follow up within 30 days to ensure the smooth running of the system.


Customer satisfaction is our utmost priority. Our work does not stop at delivery. We provide post-development maintenance and support for your continued success.

Our Advantage

We believe in partnership and will ensure we become your trusted ally. We will guide you on what’s best for your brand, where and how much you should spend and potential watch-outs.


Everything we do is focused on getting results and what actions are attributing to your ROI. We concentrate on meeting objectives, delivering to the required time, cost, and quality. Making sure that your important metrics are visible and your data is actionable and measured for a positive outcome on your business.


We bring decades of both agency and client-side experience to understand brand demands and the best ways to deliver it. We offer a range of creative, design, development, marketing, strategy, technology services to formulate a solution that works best for your business.


Our cost-effectiveness delivers at three levels. Firstly it’s a straight forward cost-saving because we charge reasonably. Secondly, we deliver value-added services that follow our 1+1=3 methodology. You get additional value service as part of our deliverable and thirdly we optimize and re-invest the saving in delivering bang for your buck!

Save Time

Our model is lean and agile which helps save time, it makes us more efficient and makes you more profitable. Our process ensures we gather all vital information upfront and keep regular contact with you to fill any information gap making sure we deliver on time.


We offer solid experience in a wide range of services from creative design, application development, 3D modeling & animation, visual effects to marketing, communication, analytics & reporting. Our teams work hard, we learn and grow with every work we deliver and loop back the experience for the next scope of work.

Our Team

Integet Is a young and smart group of experienced industry leaders, digital innovators, futurists, and transformation agents who work with you as partners. We love to integrate within your organization to help your business grow.

Shahab Bokhari

CEO / Partner

Nadeem Amin

CDO / Partner

Maryam Bokhari

Business & Customer Relations

Zainab Amjad

HR Manager

Ridho Fikri

Lead Designer

Investors & Partners

Interested in teaming up as an investor or partner? We’re happy to set up a time to discuss opportunities.

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