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Welcome to Integet – We are a California based digital agency that helps build the brands. We assist businesses worldwide to scale up through our intelligent solutions that deliver on their growth strategies.

Intelligent Technologies,
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Our years of experience in creating fundamental solutions for brands and businesses have made us the preferred digital agency partner.

Our mission is to solve business problems through technology, creativity & intelligence. Our smart solutions are flexible and user friendly that can be customized as per your requirements regardless of the size and scale.


Our solutions help businesses make smarter decisions and change the way they work. Our clients choose to stay with us because we believe in exploring new horizons, learning new things, leveraging new trends, and solving problems to streamline their business goals.

Design & Development
Design & Development

Creative Design, Websites, UX/UI, Mobile/Web Applications, eCommerce websites, 3d & Animation.

Branding & Strategy
Branding & Strategy

Brand Strategy, Digital Marketing, Media Strategy, Performance & Precision Marketing, Transformation.

Intelligence & Analytics
Intelligence & Analytics

AI Solutions, Internet of Things (IoT), Custom Dashboards, Analytics & Insights, Reports & Measurement.

Why Choose Integet?

We are nimble, our approach and delivery is agile. The services we offer help you make smarter decisions and change the way you work. We focus on your business problem rather than deliver a project and our attitude is 'get things done'.


Social Media Advertising for Small Business

Which sites should you advertise on? What should your content look like? How much should you spend?

July 15, 2020
1st Party Data for a Better Customer Experience

The Current State: Data is Where CX Begins and Ends Why does customer experience (CX) matter? In the digital marketplace, customers are even more demanding than ever before.

June 15, 2020
Addressability for Audience Strategies

Cookies may be evolving, but they are not going away at least for a couple of years. Google itself, for its doubleclick.net advertising platform, will continue to rely on the same third-party cookies used by the rest of the ad tech industry till 2022.

May 15, 2020

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