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We are a California-based global company offering digital solutions through products and services to brands, businesses, startups, and platforms who are looking for a smart solution and want to establish their online business or expand existing business through the value-add application.

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Intelligent Technologies,
Smarter Business

Our mission is to solve business problems through technology, creativity & intelligence. Our smart solutions, both through services and products are flexible and user-friendly that can be scaled or customized regardless of the size and scale of the business we are working with.

What We Do

INTEGET offers SaaS products, digital design, application development, and 3d modeling
services through specialized teams and structures.

INTEGET PLATFORM or IP™ offers SaaS products and applications.

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On-demand skilled team or a resource available for a project or full-time.

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Ex-Dimension is a full-service digital agency serving global clientele.

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3DPlus offers high-end 3D Modeling, Animation & Production services.

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Why Choose Integet?

We are nimble, our approach and delivery is agile. The services we offer help you make smarter decisions and change the way you work. We focus on your business problem rather than deliver a project and our attitude is 'get things done'.


Social Media Provocation

Fighting the infodemics through innovative social media framework, using latest in Generative AI and human ingenuity.

Web 3.0

What is it, and why does it matter?

Responsive logos

Responsive logo designs mean no lost branding opportunities. They carry logos through the whole web experience. That’s why you need one!

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