Benefits of using a website builder

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Benefits of using a website builder


Website Builders – Overview

What is it and how does it work and how our solution called measures up.

We attempt to explain how a website builder works, the benefits of using a website builder, and more importantly, what you can expect from website builder.

By definition, website builders are tools that allow the construction of websites without manual coding.

Types of website builders

Generally, there are two types of website builders:

  • Offline
  • Online

Offline Website Builders

Offline website builders come as software programs that you download and install on your computer. You will build your website and save your files on your computer, and when your website is ready, all you need to do is upload all your website files to a web host.

One advantage of such website builders is that the software is running on your computer so you can work on your website even if you are offline. But because you will need to upload your files to a web host, you will need to have at least some technical skills or experience. You will also need to purchase a web hosting account in addition to the website builder software. Example of an offline website builder is Dreamweaver, TemplateToaster, Mobirise, etc.

Online Website Builders

Online website builders are web-based and run on the provider’s service. Unlike offline website builders, you don’t need to download or install the software on your computer – all you need is a web browser (ie. Chrome, Firefox, or Internet Explorer) and an Internet connection. This allows you to work on your website from anywhere and any device. Another benefit is that the website builder comes with web hosting services so you don’t need to purchase it and/or set it up separately. Many online website builders are designed for people with little or no coding experience. Example of an online website builder is, WIX, Weebly, etc.

How does an online website builder work?

Online website builders are designed to be very easy to use, allowing anyone – beginners or experienced designers – to create an entire website within minutes using a drag-and-drop editor. Users build a website simply by dragging elements and dropping them to the desired location, no coding knowledge or experience is your computer.

Here’s a look at to see how an online website You start by choosing a design template that best fits your needs. All online website builders come with a library of website templates.

  • Templates are designed in a way that each comes with built-in elements and content. To edit an element (ie. replace the text and images with your own) all you need to do is click on it. This will open the editor where you can make changes.

webable console

Page elements are re-arranged by dragging and dropping – just drag and drop the element to the new position.

  • Add new elements and feature to enhance your website. Standard elements and features include images, photo galleries, videos, contact forms, social sharing buttons. You can also add a PayPal Buy Now button or a full-on shopping cart if you want to sell products on your website.

  • Once you are happy with your new website, just click on the Publish button and your website will be viewable online!

Why should I use a website builder?

Building a website shouldn’t be a daunting task. With a good website builder, you can have a website up and running in no time. Let’s look at the benefits of using a website builder, beginner, or advanced user alike. We will also look at why some of the more expensive online website builders may not be the best platforms to use for building a website, especially for people who are not tech-savvy.

Benefits of using a website builder

  • No programming or technical skills required. Website builders are designed for people with little to no technical skills. Website builders use the drag-and-drop technology and user-friendly interface design, allowing the average person to type in a text, upload images, or change and move any element with a simple click and drag of the mouse – all without having to write or edit a line of code and no FTP handling and all the other technical stuff.
  • Your website can be edited at any time from any computer. Because website builders are online-based, your web files are hosted on the service provider’s server – not your own computer. You can log into your account, make a change and click save or publish and your changes are live – all you need is a web browser and an Internet connection, any time and from any device.
  • No design talent required. Designing a website that attracts people requires at least a basic ability in graphic design. But if you are not sure where to start or don’t feel confident in your design skills, you can simply choose a professionally-designed template and go from there. Templates are one of the best features of a website builder and best of all, you don’t have to stick rigidly to the template design as almost all website builders let you customize the template to fit your needs and style.
  • Libraries and collections of applications. All website builders come with a library of free applications and tools that you can use to add functionality to your website. There are free and paid applications; some are built into the website builder, and others fully-integrated third-party tools. comes with a long list of built-in apps that you can easily add right from the drag-and-drop editor.
  • Your website is up and ready in no time. Website builders simplify the entire website creation process. You start with pre-designed templates, pre-populated web pages, and ready-to-use applications and tools. All you need to do is add in your own content and click on the Publish button and your website is launched in no time.
  • Website builders make it easy for you to maintain your own website. Regular website maintenance is a must if you want your website to be successful. Visitors are always on the lookout for what’s new, so it is important that you provide them with new and exciting information, news, products, or features. Because of the website builder’s drag-and-drop editor and straightforward, easy-to-use interface, making changes and updates to your website is easy.
  • Building a website with a website builder does not require a big budget. There are plenty of plans to choose from. Even with paid plans, website builders are very affordable compared to hiring professional help.

What features should a website builder have?

There could be endless features, widgets, and modules that a website builder can offer, some are essential and some are complimentary add-ons based on what business you are in and what additional features you want to offer to your users. However, here are some important features that a good website builder should offer.

  • Ease of use
  • Good quality website templates and themes
  • Website design template customization options
  • Pre-formatted web page layouts
  • eCommerce solutions
  • Form builder
  • Image galleries and image editing
  • Social sharing functionality
  • Good preview functionality
  • Website analytics and reports

Website builder platforms are great if you need a quick cost-effective website, landing pages, and micro-sites, however, website builders do not compete with custom designed and developed websites for a number of reasons.

  • You have a large business or complex business structure with multiple services, departments, and products.
  • You have medium to small business but your services require customized features like calculators, custom payment system, interactive or rich content, secure members section, and much more.
  • You do not have an in-house team or are too busy to regularly maintain your business website, create and publish fresh content.
  • You have your own design guidelines and want to design the website accordingly.
  • You want to integrate your website with multiple platforms.

Integet has been designing, developing, and delivering websites per order for client’s needs over a number of years. Integet now offers which is an online website builder that brings the experience of both online and custom website designs to its customers.

Webable offers features that are either too expensive or not available by other website builders. These features provide a competitive edge at an affordable price.

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