TaaS – Talent as a Service

‘Switch On’ skilled teams or individual worker as needed. And ‘Switch Off’ when your project is done.

The TaaS model is a flexible workforce framework that allows enterprises and businesses to access high-quality, on-demand, yet on-budget talent and empowers client teams to scale quickly with proven resources from anywhere in the world.

Clients can hire skilled teams across the world for their one-time project or an on-going work on need basis, and then easily disengage the team once the work is done.

What we offer

We specialize in providing highly skilled teams for middleware integration of business systems. Data analyst for reporting and measurement. Graphic design and digital design skill set for on-going corporate branding. E-Commerce application maintenance and management teams and business software development teams.

We use the latest tech stack and have experience in the leading design and development tools. We are flexible, ‘Switch On’ skilled teams or team members as needed. And ‘Switch Off’ when your project is done.

Why TaaS?

1- Need a specific skill set? Or need to rapidly increase your team size to deliver a project?
2- Need to keep your investment and your overheads low, and maximize your ROI?
3- Don’t like out-sourcing and want to retain full control over the team and the work?

What skills will drive your vision?

Currently Serving

System integration & Automation through EDI and API integration – Lead developers, ERP and CRM specialists, Data Analyst, application developers.

Pakistan Medical Council Platform and websites – Solution Architect, Business Analyst, Data Analyst, Snr developers, Backend Developers, Front End Developers, Database Administrators, Technical Project Manager, QA.

Brand Communications – Snr developers, Developers, UI developers, UX designers and QA Engineers.

Website and corporate branding – Creative designers, UX designers and QA Engineers.

Social E-Commerce Platform – Solution Architect, Business analyst, Snr developers, Backend developers, Front End Developers, Database administrators, QA.

Thinking of starting a new project?

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